• TOFU Power Station (MARU) - Traveller Bundle

TOFU Power Station (MARU)-Traveller Bundle

Initially, we designed the foldable plug for C7 type plug with the intent to make the MacBook adapter more compact. But with the overwhelming support of users for the foldable plug, we were inspired to expand on its applications. With that, we started to brainstorm about other designs.

Too Many Devices For Travel?

Excess baggage charges? Excessive baggage charged for your necessary devices is hard to accept. How about a multi-purpose solution?


As a traveler, it is always a struggle to decide on the essential items to bring given the limited luggage space. To add on, Murphy's law prompts you that you should bring it all.

MARU-TOFU Power Station integrates 4 products that are used frequently by a traveler- The universal adapter, power strip, USB charger ,and laptop charger.

Multi-Socket Universal Adapter

Three travel sockets on the circumference, It accepts UK/EU and US/AU type.

Multi-Socket Universal Adapter

Modular Design Universal Adapter

As a multi-country travel plug, it has more uses and flexibility.

Unlike most travel adapters, TOFU has a modular design which allows users to choose one of the fit plugs. This keeps the plug light and subtle, especially for the domestic user.

Ring Design Power Strip

The unique ring design of the power strip is licensed from MOGICS. It solves the power core as socket heads would not be in conflict with each other and the circular design is much more space saving as compared to a bar type power strip.

With MOGICS patent design, MARU is compatible with 3 AC socket, regardless whether it is the UK/EU or US/AU type. We chose to design with the 3 AC because more devices are replaced by Type-C, and the AC plug has a spacious design to ensure ample space for even bigger AC plugs.

Unbelievable Power Dual Type-C

Within a limited space, MARU offers the 45W + 18W for the dual Type-C. It supports the MacBook Pro 15" and mobile 18W fast charge.

Fit for All Dual USB

We understand that you are equipped with many USB-A devices. MARU as a power station shall provide you with the USB type-A for your needs

Optimized Design

We want an elegant design that solves the problem. There are so many aspects to consider for the design. There are many solutions to the same problem and our aim is to uncover the key solution. The optimal design solution should solve problems while not compromising on the form.

With or Without Adapter

When you are not traveling, it is unnecessary to have a heavy adapter. The plug module allows you to enjoy both the compactedness for domestic uses and convenience for international travel uses.

No More Heavy Adapter

Charger's interchangeable plug design guarantees the integrity of the plug structure. Flimsy pins or loose plugs shall become a distant problem!

Automatic Fuse Reset /No need for any Fuse Replacement Fault-tolerance vs Safety

When you are traveling, any charging inconvenience will delay your schedule. In case of emergencies, you will no longer need to find a replacement fuse because MASA will automatically recover and reset its fuse after a few minutes.

Performance VS Size

The two trade-off factors. Despite that, we are still able to achieve a perfect size with all the necessary functions.

Work Easy Charge Easy!

Simple & Subtle Design

Simple design doesn't mean that design is easy. In fact, a simple design demands for critical thinking and higher-level skills. So is it worthwhile to spend so much effort to design for simple things? For us, it is a definite YES.

Incredible Foldable Plugs

When you are on-the-go, the AC plug presents itself as a clumsy, bulky and cumbersome item. with the foldable plug design, you can save on a lot of space without compromising on the power.

Take It Easy

Boarding Soon? Phone and Laptop low on power? With MARU, you can charge all your devices at the same time while you take the moment to enjoy a sip of coffee.



  • AC
    • Input:100V-240V
    • Output:same as input
    • 1680w @ 240v
    • 700w @ 100v
    • 7A Auto Reset Fuse
  • DC
    • PD1: 45W (20V*2.2A / 15V*3A / 12V*3A / 9V*5A / 5V*3A)
    • PD2: 18W (9V*2A / 5V*3A)
    • USBA x2 :15W(share)
    • Total 75W


    • Cable:85cm(3ft)
    • Weight:210g

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    TOFU Power Station (MARU) - Traveller Bundle

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