Human's innate need to be with or in nature

It is our nature to enjoy wild nature. Nature helps us heal mentally. Living in a stressful city for a long time can result in depression. The beauty of nature helps us to release our repressed emotions and pressure from work. The panoramic view and the fresh air can regenerate our health. Camping is the best way to get close to nature. You can admire the starry skies at night and greet the next sunrise in the embrace of CARSULE. It is a spacious private room and the wide windows make you feel as homely as being indoors. You can experience a comfortable and low-profile camping life.

Outdoors as comfortable as being home

Nomad life broadens your life experience, but it should not eliminate the activities you usually do at home. Instead, you should be able to do what you desire freely in the outdoors realm.

You may camp and stay for a long time. The narrow space in the car does not bring you the comfort that you would get from home. A wide spacious area designed for you brings your stay-home comfort outdoors with even more natural benefits. (Endless possibilities of activities: sleep, do yoga, watch movies...)

Long-lasting Ecotourism

CARSULE is ideal for traceless tours. Most of the activities can be carried out in a large spacious tent. The trash is contained within and will not be blown into nature and cause pollution. All appliances can be stored in the cabin (cabinet) to prevent excess equipment from affecting the natural environment. When you want to immerse yourself in nature, you just need to open the screens and step out of the tent.

The simple appearance of CARSULE reduces the visual damage of the natural environment, and traceless tours contribute to the sustainability of the ecosystem.

Urban Compatible

Did you spend a lot of money to buy a camper van to enjoy life in the wild, but worry about the confined parking space in urban lots or even road restrictions?

CARSULE allows you to switch freely between urban life and rustic nature life without having to own two cars.

Based on the above four points, the current RV and traditional tent camping, etc. are not fully satisfactory. CARSULE may be the only solution that meets the above four conditions.


The size of CARSULE 2M x 1.8M can be applied to most car models, while the size of CARSULE Plus 2.2M high x 2M wide can be used for a few taller vehicles. The two CARSULEs can still be easily assembled and combined with the car and extend the interior space. Both can be stored in a storage bag with a diameter of 80cm.

How to install CARSULE?

How to disassemble CARSULE?

How to install CARSULE Plus?

How to store CARSULE Plus?


Can CARSULE & CARSULE PLUS stand alone?

Installing CARSULE & CARSULE PLUS rain-fly?

Does the French Door Type fit?


  • Basic Contains:Main unit*1、Synthetic felt*1、Aluminum Support Rod*4、Carry bag*1
  • Accessory Pack:Ceiling tension ropes*1(2 pcs)、Guy-ropes*4、Screw-in peg*4、Magnet cord*2
  • Size:200x180x220cm
  • Packed down:Φ33 x 5 inch
  • Weight:9.5kg
  • Accessory Weight:2.7kg

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CARSULE Plus- A Pop-Up Cabin for your Car (Free shipping only applies to the contiguous United States, Singapore, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.)

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