Type-C Cable Incorporated into a Double-Sided Accessories Storage

YOYOcable is an adjustable Type-C cable incorporated into a double-sided accessories storage. Within, it contains a variety of mobile phone tools, providing you with elegance and simplicity.

What is the length of the charging cable to be perfect?

When charging is needed, the long charging cable makes the tabletop messy, and the too-short charging cable is not enough. Is there a cable that is both elegant and suitable for all occasions?


To achieve ultimate compaction and adaptable usage for different scenarios, we applied the retractable design to the 1m long cable. The unique double-layer structure allows a simple manual retraction of the cable and flexibility to adjust to the desired cable length. The cable is neatly coiled up, giving you your perfect organizer.

Rolling Back

Remove the charging cable

Replacing with a new charging cable

2.Cable Material

Why are we opting for a silicone wire? It is well known that the generic PVC cable produces PCDDs (Polychlorinated dibenzodioxins). As for the TPU cables used by Apple, even though it is environmentally friendly, it is not very durable. As such we chose to use the higher cost Silicon which is both environmentally friendly and durable.

One for All Cable

YOYOcable includes a Type-C charging cable and three adapters (Lightning, Micro & USB-A). The Adapter Cap Holder creates possibilities of different combinations. Together, with just a single cable, you can fulfill all your charging and transmission requirements across different devices. /p>

3. Accessory SIM Kit

Guess what, we have got you covered! In order to break Murphy's law, we have included the pin and the SIM storage in the YOYOcable for times of emergency.

4. Not just a cable, but also a multi-functional cradle

In addition, YOYOcable can be deployed as a holder, providing you with convenience as you watch videos or make video calls. You can even come up with interesting applications!


Adjustable length, suitable for many situations. Fulfilling your every need.


  • YoYocable case x1
  • Silicon cable 100cm x1
  • SIM ejector x1
  • Adapter cap x2
  • Type-c to Lightning adapter x1
  • Type-c to Micro adapter x1
  • Type-c to Type-A adapter x1


  • WHD:56Øx29mm
  • Weight:55g


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